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Adding OrganizationsUpdated a year ago

Business connections and representation are key reasons why participants attend events. When registering for an event, participants often create organization pages to represent their respective companies. 

However, some participants may encounter difficulties when attempting to create an organization page.

As an event organizer, it is crucial to provide assistance in such situations. This article explores the practical solution of adding organizations on behalf of attendees, streamlining the event management process, and ensuring a smooth experience for all involved.

How can I add a new organization?

First, click on Organizations on the left sidebar of the Organizer’s Tool.

This will display the organization's list.

In the upper right corner, click on the Add new organization page button.

This will open the Add new organization sidebar.

Enter the name of the new organization in the Name field.

Then, choose the organization's organization type from the Organization type drop-down menu.

Select the areas of activity for the organization. You can add multiple areas.

In the Website field, copy the link to the organization's website.

Provide a description of the organization in the designated Description field.

Next, include the organization's social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).

Specify the country of the organization by selecting it from the Country drop-down menu

Finally, type in the name of the city in the City field.

Once you have entered all the information, click on Create.

Note: Keep in mind that only the Name field is mandatory to create an organization page.

As an organizer, you can control participants' ability to create new organizations by using participant types.

Only participants assigned a participant type with the Organization page enabled will be able to create new organizations. Learn more about this topic in our article setting up participant types

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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