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Areas of Activity

Learn what areas of activity are and how you can utilize them to classify your organizations.

Understanding Areas of Activity

In the ever-changing world of events, there are attendees and organizations that possess diverse expertise and specialization in various fields. Effectively managing and optimizing the process of finding the right business partner for every attendee

Setting Up Areas of Activity

Areas of activity allow participants to specify their organization’s expertise or specialization in a particular field. These areas of activity serve as additional filters when browsing through the organization list on the event website, making it ea

Assigning Areas of Activity to an Organization

Once you have created areas of activity, participants can select their organization's areas of activity while setting up their organization page. However, there might be instances where you, as the organizer, need to manually assign areas of activity

Deleting Areas of Activity

The process of creating and assigning areas of activity to organizations is valuable for categorizing the organizations' expertise within an event. However, as events evolve, there may come a time when you need to remove certain areas of activity. In