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Networking: Conversations

Find out ways you can communicate with other participants, share files and engage in interesting discussions.

Network via Conversations

Meeting and communicating with others has always been the key aspect of any event, but with virtual events on the rise, networking and keeping track of all information can become a challenge. Luckily, b2match has a solution that always keeps you in t

Starting a New Conversation

So, you decided to take the first step in networking and send a message to participants who caught your eye?. This article will show you how to send a message to others in just a few clicks!. There are a few ways how to start a new conversation. Acce

Adding Members to a Conversation

Do you want to bring more people into the conversation? b2match makes it easy to expand your network and engage in group discussions. With just a few clicks, you can add new members to an ongoing conversation and enjoy the benefits of collaborative n

Share Files With Others

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to exchange information and collaborate with other participants in real-time has become a necessity. But what if you need to quickly send a file to your conversation partners?. In addition to se