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Custom Questions

Find out how to make a tailor-made registration form by asking questions that truly matter.

Understanding Custom Questions

In the world of event planning, asking participants questions during registration isn't just a routine step – it's a game-changer. Incorporating your own custom questions into registration increases your event planning process and paves the way for m

Types of Custom Questions

Sometimes when organizing an event, you have questions that you would like to ask your participants. These questions can be related to the event, to them or to their organization, and they serve you to better organize the event or manage it better. F

Creating Custom Questions

During the event registration process, in addition to choosing their participant type, your participants must also set up their profile. As part of the profile set up when registering for the event, they will be asked to answer your custom questions.

Grouping Custom Questions

As an event organizer, you're well aware how many questions arise when organizing an event and how important it is to quickly receive answers directly from your participants. The b2match platform provides a diverse range of custom question types that

Deleting Custom Questions

Creating custom questions is a powerful method to get answers from your participants on the questions that matter to you and that can help you host your event successfully. However, as events evolve, there may arise a need to remove or delete certain