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Managing Organizations

Learn how to efficiently manage your organizations and organization representatives with all important information in one place.

Understanding b2match Organizations

Organizations attend events to connect with the industry, increase their brand visibility and expand their network by networking with other organizations and participants at the event. Since organizations and participants who represent them are the h

Organization's Profile Overview

The Organizer's Tool provides an organization’s profile overview, where you can conveniently access all the information in one place. First, click on Organizations on the left sidebar of the Organizer’s Tool. This will open the organizations' list. S

Adding Organizations

Business connections and representation are key reasons why participants attend events. When registering for an event, participants often create organization pages to represent their respective companies. However, some participants may encounter diff

Managing Organization Representatives

At events, organization representatives hold great importance as they represent their organization's ideas, goals, and vision. They play a crucial role in accurately showcasing their brand and achieving their event objectives. After you have added an

Deleting Organizations

In addition to adding organizations, effective event management also includes the essential task of deleting organizations from your event when needed. There might be situations where unforeseen circumstances or limited resources make it necessary to