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Networking: Meetings

Get ready for next-level event matchmaking! Learn all about how to manage your meetings, from technical preparations and scheduling to rescheduling or canceling your b2b meetings.

Understanding the b2match Meetings

At an event, everything is about the people we meet and the conversations we engage in. There isn’t a better way to know more about other participants and what they are all about than being in a 1-on-1 meeting with them. The main benefit of attending

Setting Up Your Meeting Availability

Before you attend meetings on the b2match platform, you should specify at which time you are available for meetings with other participants. How can you do that?. Read further to learn more about setting your availability for meetings. Your meeting a

Finding Meeting Partners

You probably already know that networking is the most important part of attending events. But since there are so many participants, it’s impossible to meet with everyone. This is why it is important not to waste time and connect with just the right p

AI Meeting Recommendations

Imagine this: you are attending an event with a thousand different participants and hoping to meet just the right people to help you in your business ventures. It might seem to be impossible to find suitable meeting partners while scrolling down the

Requesting Meetings

Attending meetings with valuable people is one of the main activities at every event. But how can you schedule a meeting between you and another participant with whom you wish to discuss?. Naturally, by sending them a meeting request. There are sever

Rescheduling & Editing Meetings

Sometimes things can get in the way of our plans, which is why we sometimes can’t attend every meeting we wanted. But don’t worry! You don’t need to cancel the meeting. You can always reschedule and find another suitable date and time. You can resche

Accepting & Canceling Meetings

Did you receive a meeting request from other participants and don’t know how to respond to it? In this article, we've got you covered! We'll show you how to take control of your meetings by accepting or canceling them like a pro. If someone sends yo

Test & Prepare for Online Video Meetings

Online video meetings are a great way to include participants who are not physically at the venue in the matchmaking process. However, some technical problems may occur along the way. This is why we recommend that you prepare and test the online meet

Meeting Notifications

Notifications are a great way to stay in the loop with all your activities during the event. But why exactly are they useful and how to access them? This article covers all your questions about meeting notifications. Notifications you receive during