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Organization Types

Explore how you can benefit from setting up different organization types and how you can configure them effectively.

Understanding Organization Types

In the dynamic landscape of events, organizations often set themselves diverse goals and objectives. To effectively manage and optimize organizations engagement at your event, it becomes crucial to categorize and unite organizations with similar goal

Setting Up Organization Types

When organizing an event, it is important to acknowledge that organizations participating have diverse objectives and expectations they want to achieve at your event. To ensure a seamless and well-structured experience, it is important to effectively

Assigning Organization Type to an Organization

After setting up an organization type, participants have the option to select the organization type for their organization after they finished the registration process. However, you can also manually assign organization types to organizations using o

Deleting Organization Types

Creating organization types is a powerful method for categorizing and uniting organizations with shared goals. However, as events evolve, there may arise a need to remove or delete certain organization types. In this article, we will walk you through