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Outbox Emails

Learn the step-by-step process of utilizing the b2match Email Tool to compose emails, generate targeted mailing lists, and send out event invitations.

Understanding b2match Email Tool

As an event organizer, one of your key responsibilities is to keep participants informed and updated. Whether it's conveying recent changes or sharing valuable tips and tricks for a successful event experience, effective communication is essential. T

Creating Mailing Lists

Mailing lists offer a remarkable efficiency boost by streamlining communication. They ensure that information reaches the targeted individuals who need it, eliminating the need for repetitive and time-consuming individual messages. Embracing this eff

Using Email Templates

Do you struggle to put all the necessary information in an email and don't know where to begin? Feel free to utilize the b2match premade email templates for quick and effective communication. They include necessary details for your participants as we

Composing an Email

Crafting well-written and engaging emails is crucial for conveying important information, coordinating schedules, and fostering meaningful connections among participants. In this article, we will explore the step-by-step procedure for effectively cra

Sending Event Invitations

Nurturing existing business relationships is a vital aspect of networking and maintaining your network. If you've previously organized an event on b2match and received enthusiastic feedback from participants, you have a golden opportunity to leverage

Setting Email Configuration

After you have composed an email and sent it to your participants, you may want to gain insight into how many participants have opened the email and clicked on the links you provided. This will help you in your reporting and analysis of the email. Fi