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Participant Guide

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Everything you need to know about participating in a b2match event.


Getting Started

Learn all about how to create and set up your participant account, as well as how to register for an event and invite your friends or colleagues.

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Account Settings

Find out how to manage your participant account, which includes changing your email address, your password, and deleting your b2match participant account.

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Event Settings

Discover how to make yourself unavailable for messages from other event participants, change your time zone, and cancel your event participation.

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Learn how to create an effective event networking profile and how to increase your visibility with a dedicated organization page for you and your colleagues.

5 articles

Learn how to manage your entire event agenda, add or remove sessions, as well as how to join online or hybrid event networking sessions.

2 articles
Networking: Meetings

Get ready for next-level event matchmaking! Learn all about how to manage your meetings, from technical preparations and scheduling to rescheduling or canceling your b2b meetings.

9 articles
Networking: Conversations

Find out ways you can communicate with other participants, share files and engage in interesting discussions.

4 articles

Create business opportunities that will spark the interest of the right people. Close business deals, start partnerships or sell products on a dedicated event Marketplace.

5 articles

Learn how to give feedback for your b2b meetings, where to find the ratings and how to use it to improve your networking.

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