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Participant Types

Learn how to set up participant types and how to utilize them to make the registration process more streamlined.

Understanding Participant Types

Attendees often come to events with a variety of objectives and aspirations. To effectively manage and optimize participant engagement, it becomes crucial to categorize and unite individuals with similar objectives. This is where participant types co

Inviting Hidden Participant Types

Participant types are an excellent way to group participants based on their shared goals and roles at the event. When participants register, they can choose their participant type, but only if you've set them as visible. If you mark a participant typ

Creating & Setting Up Participant Types

When organizing an event, it's important to realize that participants come with different goals and expectations. To ensure things run smoothly and are well-organized, it's crucial to group your participants effectively. This is where participant typ

Deleting Participant Types

Creating participant types is a powerful method for categorizing participants with shared goals. However, as events change, you might need to delete some participant types. In this article, we will walk you through the process of efficiently deleting