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Assigning Participant Type to a ParticipantUpdated a year ago

After creating and configuring a participant type, participants have the option to select their own participant type during the registration process. However, you can also manually assign participant types to individuals using our Organizer's Tool.

How can I assign participant type to a participant?

First, click on Participants in the left sidebar of the Organizer’s Tool. 

From the participants list, locate the participant you want to assign a participant type to and click on their name. 

This will open the Participant’s Profile sidebar

Within the Profile tab, scroll down until you reach the Participant Type section.

Click on the Edit button within the Participant Type section, and from the drop-down menu, select the participant type you want to assign to the participant.

After that, click on Save.

Participant type invitation links provide a convenient way to invite participants and assign them specific participant types. When you create a participant type, an invitation link is automatically generated, and it is displayed under each participant type on the Participant Types page.

Organizers can utilize these invitation links to invite participants and assign them hidden participant types. For instance, if you have a participant type such as "Speaker" that you don't want participants to select during registration, you can mark it as hidden. Later, you can send the participants the invitation link associated with the "Speaker" participant type. By registering through the provided link, participants will automatically be assigned the Speaker participant type.

Alternatively, you can use the Add participant feature to create registrations on behalf of participants and assign them hidden participant types. In such cases, the invitation link is not needed.

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