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Creating Micro EventsUpdated a month ago

Micro Events are a fantastic way to gather your community for one day and discuss important topics in workshops, networking rounds, conferences, or other seminars. They serve as catalysts for new ideas and opportunities within your community.

However, Micro Events are accessible with our Community Platform. For further information, please contact our Support team

How can I create a new micro event?

Creating a one-day event on the b2match platform is a breeze and takes only seconds to configure.

The first step is clicking on Program on the left sidebar

This will automatically open the Events tab.

Next, click on the Create event button in the upper right corner or in the middle of the screen to open the Create event modal.

Here, type in the event’s name, and select the date and time.  

Next, choose the format of your session, type, and visibility. 

Tip: Learn more about session format in our article Configuring and editing micro event format.

Once you enter all the necessary details, simply click Save to create your one-day event. After that, you can customize it as needed.

How can I configure a micro event?

Once your micro event is created, it's time to configure it. This involves adding all relevant information about the event, including organizers, topics, or the event’s agenda, and configuring any additional settings.

Learn about configuring sessions in detail in our article Editing micro event info.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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