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Deleting Session LocationUpdated a year ago

Accurate session location is crucial for participants to easily navigate and find sessions. However, maybe there was a change of plans, and you need to delete a session location. 

Read on to learn how to effectively remove a session location from your event. 

How can I remove a location from the session?

First, click on Agenda on the left sidebar and access the Sessions tab. 

To remove a location from a session, simply open the Session info sidebar by clicking on the session. 

Then, navigate to the Format tab, and click on the X in the Location field. After that, click on Save.

How can I delete a session location?

To delete a session location in general, navigate to the Locations tab. 

Next to the location you want to delete, you will see 3 dots. Click on the 3 dots and select Delete location

This will open the Delete location modal to ensure you didn’t click on it by accident. 

Note: Keep in mind that deleting a session location is an irreversible action and cannot be recovered.

If a location has already been assigned to a session and is subsequently deleted, the location will be automatically removed from the session, meaning the session will no longer have a location.

Learn more about session locations in our article Creating and editing session location.

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