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Inviting Hidden Participant TypesUpdated a year ago

Participant types are an excellent way to group participants based on their shared goals and roles at the event. When participants register, they can choose their participant type, but only if you've set them as visible.

If you mark a participant type as hidden, it adds an extra layer of exclusivity. However, you'll need to personally invite participants with hidden types to register for your event.

How do I make a participant type hidden?

First, click on Configuration on the left sidebar of the Organizer's tool.

Then, under the Participant section, select Participant types.

This takes you to the Participant Types page where you can create participant types.

To create a new type, click Add participant type. To modify an existing type, click Edit.

In the Settings section on the right side, choose Hidden. This marks the participant type as hidden.

Click Save after that.

How do I invite participants with hidden types?

To invite participants with hidden types, you have two options: invitation links or adding participants directly.

On the Participant types page, you'll see a list of created participant types.

Each participant type has an invitation link below its name.

To invite someone with a hidden participant type, just copy this link and send it to them via email.

Add participant

Alternatively, you can use the Add participant feature to create the registration for a participant and assign them the hidden type.

Find more about this feature in our article adding participants.

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