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Managing PaymentsUpdated 3 months ago

As participants register for your event and purchase tickets, you'll find yourself handling numerous invoices. Before making tickets available, it's essential to configure ticketing settings

How can I manage payments?

Click on Ticketing on the left sidebar of the Organizer’s Tool.

In the Payments tab you will see all created invoices. 

The table displays the invoice number, participant who purchased the ticket, payment status (pending, paid, refunded), ticket name, payment method, and the amount paid.

You can access details about a payment by clicking on it. This will open the Payment info sidebar

If a payment is pending, you can still change the ticket type, enter the promo code, and edit billing details.

Note: Keep in mind that paid or refunded payments have limited editing options, allowing only billing details to be changed.

After making desired edits, click on Save.

Generating PDF Invoices

After a participant purchases a ticket, you will be able to see their purchase in the Payments tab. For each purchase, you can generate a PDF invoice or a PDF preliminary bill.

To generate the PDF, first, locate the payment in the table.

Then, click on the 3 dots and from the drop-down menu select PDF Invoice

This will automatically download the document to your device. 

Note: Keep in mind that pending payments generate only a preliminary bill, while paid or refunded payments generate a PDF invoice.

Marking payments as paid

If your participants pay for their tickets via bank transfer or if you manually created a payment, you should mark the payment as paid after receiving the participant’s transfer. 

First, locate the payment with the pending status you wish to mark as paid.

Then, click on the 3 dots and from the drop-down menu, select Mark as paid

This will open the Confirm payment modal

Here, choose the payment date from the calendar and click on Yes, confirm

Note: Keep in mind that once a payment has been marked as paid, you can only edit the payment date or refund the payment. A paid payment cannot revert to pending status.

Refunding payments

If you wish to refund a participant, first find their payment with the paid status and click on the 3 dots

From the drop-down menu, select Refund payment.

This will open the Refund payment modal asking for confirmation.

To refund the payment, click Yes, refund

Note: Keep in mind that, for bank transfer payments, you will still need to manually process the refund.

Once you mark a payment as refunded, the system will automatically generate a PDF credit note. This document ensures you can properly refund your participants. 

To download the PDF credit note, first, locate the payment with refunded status in the table.

Then, click on the 3 dots and from the drop-down menu select PDF Credit Note

Deleting payments

If you wish to delete a payment from the platform, locate the payment and click on the 3 dots

From the drop-down menu, select Delete payment

This will open the Delete payment modal asking for confirmation of deletion. If you wish to proceed, click on Yes, delete

Note: Keep in mind that you can only delete a payment if the participant’s account is deleted.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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