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Manually Checking InUpdated a year ago

After you install the b2match Entrance app, you can immediately begin checking in participants. The app provides two options for participant check-in: manual check-in and QR code scanning.

In this article, we will focus on explaining the process of manually checking in participants.

How can I manually check-in participants?

Open the b2match Entrance app and tap on the participant icon to access the Participants list.

Before starting the check-in process, make sure that you are checking participants in at the desired location. To change the location, simply tap on the location displayed at the top of the screen. This will open the Change My Location modal. From there, select the desired location for checking in your participants.

The Absent tab will display all participants who have yet to be checked in.

To check in a participant, tap on the check-in button located next to their name.

The participant will be automatically moved to the Checked In tab, indicating a successful check-in.

To check a participant out, simply tap on the check-out button located next to their name within the Checked In tab

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