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Printing Labels On-SiteUpdated a month ago

Are you running short on time to design an eye-catching badge using our badge editor? Don't worry! With the b2match Entrance app, you can still leverage the label feature to create professional labels on-site.

Whether you're organizing a conference, trade show, or networking event, the ability to print labels directly at the venue can save you time and ensure a seamless check-in experience for your participants.

Continue reading to discover how you can effortlessly print labels on-site using the b2match Entrance app.

What labels can I print?

The Entrance app autogenerates printed labels, which currently cannot be customized. The label includes the participant's first and last names, organization name, and a QR code for check-in.

The badges created with our Badge Editor cannot be automatically printed using the b2match Entrance app. They must be printed separately and are not integrated with the Entrance app.

Once the label is printed, you can peel it off and stick it to a pre-prepared badge.

How can I set up the printer?

Currently, badge printing with b2match Entrance is only supported by the Brother label printer QL-820NWB. The paper roll standard size is 62mmRB.

To set up the printer, first plug it in and turn it on; the date and hour will be displayed. Next, disable the template mode and connect the printer to the same Wi-Fi that your b2match Entrance app is connected to.

To disable the template mode, press the Menu button, go to Template Settings, select Template Mode, and set it to off.  

Proceed to connect the printer to Wi-Fi using the following steps:

  1. Menu > WLAN > On 
  2. Menu > WLAN - Network Mode > Infrastructure mode
  3. Menu > WLAN > Infra Manual Settings - The printer will search for available wireless networks. Choose your network and enter the password with up and down arrows. After each correct sign, click on OK until you input the whole password. 

The printer is now ready for pairing.

To pair the b2match Entrance app with the printer, tap on the settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen and tap Select or change printer

The app will search for available printers. Once the app finds the printer, simply tap on it.

Note: A green checkmark in the upper right corner of the printer icon indicates a successful pairing.

After that, select the paper type and click on Save at the bottom of the screen. 

Note: Since label printing is supported only by the Brother label printer QL-820NWB, set the paper size to 62mmRB, as it matches the standard roll size.

Optionally, you can check or uncheck the Autocut box. If enabled, the printer will automatically cut the labels. 

How can I print the badges?

You have the option to print labels manually or set up automatic printing upon participant check-in.

Manually printing labels

Open the Entrance app and access the participant list by tapping on the participant icon in the bottom bar.

Select the participant whose label you wish to print and then tap on Print Badge.

Automatically printing labels

To streamline the check-in and label printing process, you can configure the app to automatically print labels immediately upon participants checking in. 

First, tap on the settings icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.

In the Printers section, press the toggle switch next to Print badge automatically after checking in.

This will activate the automatic label printing feature.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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