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Setting Up Areas of ActivityUpdated a year ago

Areas of activity allow participants to specify their organization’s expertise or specialization in a particular field. 

These areas of activity serve as additional filters when browsing through the organization list on the event website, making it easier for participants to discover potential business partners. 

How can I set up areas of activity?

First, click on Configuration on the left sidebar of the Organizer's tool.

In the Organization section, navigate to Areas of Activity.

This will open the Areas of Activity page

To create a new areas of activity group, click on the Add group button.

On the Create new group page, provide a name for your areas of activity group. For example, you can name it "Agriculture", "Robotics", "Biology", or "Health Sciences". These groups help categorize different areas of activity together.

In the Position field, you can determine the order in which the areas of activity group will appear when participants create their organization pages. This setting also influences the position of areas of activity in the organization's profile overview.

Optionally, you can use the Form Name field to assign a specific name to an area of activity that will be displayed exclusively on the event website when participants create their organization page.

Next, specify which participant types can select the area of activity.

If you want participants to choose only one area of activity from the entire group, tick the Exclusive Selection box.

In the Areas of Activities / Options section, list the names of the areas of activity that should be included in the group.

Once you've defined the areas of activities within the group, click on Save

Keep in mind that you can only add up to six areas of activity at a time. To add a new area of activity within an existing group, click on the Add area of activity button.

Warning: If you create a new group but do not add any areas of activity, this group will not be visible to participants.

By setting up areas of activity, participants will have a more organized and effective way to identify organizations with similar expertise, fostering better networking opportunities during the event.

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