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Setting Up Organization TypesUpdated a year ago

When organizing an event, it is important to acknowledge that organizations participating have diverse objectives and expectations they want to achieve at your event. 

To ensure a seamless and well-structured experience, it is important to effectively classify the types of organizations involved. This categorization serves as an invaluable tool, allowing event organizers to group together organizations that share common goals.

By implementing organization types, event planners can streamline the entire process, optimize networking opportunities, and improve chances for business cooperation for participating organizations.

How can I set up organization types? 

First, click on Configuration in the left sidebar of the Organizer's Tool. 

Under the Organization section, select Organization Types

On the Organization Types page, click on the Add Organization Type button to create a new organization type.

This will open the New Organization Type page

Enter the name of the organization type in the Title field and then click on Save.

Note: If your event is multilingual, you will see the language abbreviation next to the fields, indicating the language in which the organization type name should be written. Make sure to provide the organization type name in all selected event languages.

The next step involves assigning organization types to the organizations.

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