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Setting Up Participants AvailabilityUpdated a year ago

Once you have created meeting blocks to facilitate smooth networking at your event, it is crucial to encourage participants to actively engage in networking by setting their availability. 

If participants register after you have already created meeting blocks in the Organizer's Tool, those meeting blocks will be automatically included in the participant's availability. However, if you later create additional meeting blocks, you may need to manually set the availability on behalf of the participants. 

How can I set up participants availability?

First, click on Participants on the left sidebar of the Organizer’s Tool.

Then, click on the participant whose availability you want to configure, which will open their profile overview sidebar.

Inside the profile overview sidebar, navigate to the Availability tab.

First, ensure that the participant is available for meetings by clicking the toggle switch next to Available for meetings.

Below this, you will find all the networking blocks and time slots you have created.

To make a participant available for a meeting during a specific meeting block, tick the square icon next to the meeting block. This indicates that the participant is available for all time slots within that meeting block.

If you wish to set availability for specific time slots only, click on the desired time slot to make the participant available for that particular time.

If you have configured open virtual networking for the event, you can also make the participant available for it by clicking on the square icon in the Open Virtual Networking section.

Once you have set up the participant's availability, click on Save in the bottom right corner of the profile overview sidebar.

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