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Types of Custom QuestionsUpdated a year ago

Sometimes when organizing an event, you have questions that you would like to ask your participants. These questions can be related to the event, to them or to their organization, and they serve you to better organize the event or manage it better. For this reason, you can create different custom questions.

Custom questions you create are organized in specific types of custom questions, providing you with more possibilities when inquiring your participants.

How many types of custom questions are there?

There are 7 different types of custom questions.

Single Choice (Radio Buttons)

This type of custom question allows you to create a question with multiple answering possibilities. However, your participants will be able to choose only one answer out of multiple options. 

The answers to the questions will be displayed in the form of radio buttons on the event website. 

Single Choice (Select Field)

This type allows participants to choose one single option out of multiple choices that are mutually exclusive. 

These choices will be displayed in a drop-down menu on the event website.

Multiple Choice (Check Boxes)

A multiple-choice question allows your participants to choose multiple answers. These answers will be displayed with check boxes. 

Single-Line Text (Text Field)

The single-line text custom question allows your participants to answer the question by typing their answer in a single line of free text. However, the maximum character number of the text is 255.

Multi-Line Text (Text Area)

The multi-line text custom question allows your participants to go in depth with their answer and add multiple text paragraphs to the text area. The maximum character number of the text is 5000.

File Upload

This type of custom question allows your participants to upload documents. The file's maximum size is 10 MB, and acceptable formats include various Microsoft Office formats and PDFs. 

The participants will see the Upload File button on the event website. By clicking on it, they can easily upload a file to the platform.

Question Group

While not precisely a question, this feature empowers organizers to cluster specific questions by assigning them a shared group title. 

Learn more about this type of custom question and how to configure it properly in our article grouping custom questions

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