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Understanding AnnouncementsUpdated 6 months ago

Organizing an event requires a lot of careful planning, but sometimes things don't go exactly as expected. That's why it's crucial to easily inform your participants about any updates, and this is where announcements comes in handy.

What are Announcements?

Think of announcements as customizable notifications. When you create an announcement, your participants receive it – whether they’re checking the event on the web platform or using the mobile event app

Your participants will see these announcements in the notification dropdown on the event website by clicking on the bell icon button.

Mobile app users can even receive push notifications if they turn on the option in their phone settings, so no one misses important updates.

How are Announcements different from Push Notifications?

Unlike automatic push notifications, you can create customizable announcements, enabling you to inform your participants swiftly and efficiently about anything you consider important.

Learn more about creating announcements.

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