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Understanding Areas of ActivityUpdated a year ago

In the ever-changing world of events, there are attendees and organizations that possess diverse expertise and specialization in various fields. 

Effectively managing and optimizing the process of finding the right business partner for every attendee requires categorizing and uniting organizations with similar areas of expertise. This is where areas of activity come in.

What are areas of activity?

Areas of Activity allow participants to classify and tag their businesses, facilitating the search for suitable meeting partners. 

These areas of activity help participants discover potential meeting partners by serving as filters in the organizations list on the event website.

For example, in a medical event, popular areas of activity might include “Public health”, “Biotechnology”, “Medical technology”, and “Pharma”.

How can I manage areas of activity?

Once you've recognized the benefits of using areas of activity for your event, you, as the event organizer, have the power to set them up and then assign them to organizations

Should you create a specific area of activity that later becomes unnecessary, you have the option to delete it.

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