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Understanding b2match Email NotificationsUpdated 3 months ago

In addition to sending emails to your participants, another powerful capability at your disposal is the ability to send automated email notifications. These notifications offer a convenient way to deliver brief, personalized messages to every participant involved in your event.

With automated email notifications, you can ensure that each participant receives relevant information tailored to their specific needs. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to b2match email notifications, equipping you with all the essential knowledge you need to utilize this feature effectively. 

Where can I access email notifications?

To get started, navigate to the left sidebar of the Organizer's Tool, and click on Communications and then select Emails.

This will open the Outbox tab of the email tool, which features different sections that can help you compose an email to desired recipients. Learn more about this tool in our article understanding b2match email tool.

To configure email notifications, navigate to the Notifications tab of the email tool.

Notifications are organized into distinct categories, each serving a specific purpose.

Registration notifications

These are one-time notifications related to the registration and profile validation process. Under Registration Notifications, you will find the following notifications:

  1. Registration finished – This notification confirms the successful registration of a participant for the event.
  2. Registration by participant – This notification informs a participant that they have been registered by another participant.
  3. Registration rejected – This notification notifies a participant that their registration has been rejected by the organizer.
  4. Profile activated - This notification informs a participant that their profile has been activated.
  5. Invite participant – This notification is dispatched to individuals who have been invited to participate in the event by another participant. It is a notification that always remains active.

Marketplace notifications

Marketplace notifications are related to the opportunities participant's add to the marketplace. Under Marketplace Notifications, you'll find: 

  1. Opportunity validated - This notification notifies participants when their marketplace opportunity has been validated by an organizer. 

Conversations notifications

Conversations notifications are periodic alerts regarding unread messages received by participants. Under Conversations Notifications, you'll find the following notifications: 

  1. Unread messages in one conversation – This notification is sent periodically to participants who have unread messages within a single conversation at the time of sending.
  2. Unread messages in multiple conversations - This notification is sent periodically to participants who have unread messages across multiple conversations at the time of sending.

Meetings notifications

Meetings notifications are sent whenever there are updates regarding meeting requests, acceptances, cancellations, declines, or when participants receive messages from other attendees. Under Meetings Notifications, you'll find the following notifications:

  1. Meeting cancelled – This notification informs the participant when the host cancels a meeting or when guests cancel their attendance.
  2. Meeting was requested – This notification notifies the participant when a new meeting request has been submitted.
  3. Meeting request was accepted – Participants receive this notification when their meeting request has been accepted.
  4. Meeting refused by the organizer – Participants are informed when a meeting is declined by the organizer.
  5. Meeting was created by the organizer – This notification alerts participants when the organizer creates a new meeting.
  6. Meeting rescheduling – Participants receive this notification when one of the other participants requests to reschedule a meeting.
  7. Rescheduling accepted – This notification informs participants that the proposed meeting rescheduling has been accepted.
  8. Meeting updated – This notification keeps participants informed when there are updates made to a meeting by any of the attendees.


Reminders are sent at regular intervals of every 3 days once the booking period for meetings has commenced. Under Reminders, you'll find the following notifications: 

  1. Accept Meetings - This notification is designed to inform participants about pending meeting requests and encourage them to accept or decline these meeting invitations. It is automatically sent every 3 days, serving as a gentle nudge for participants to take action on their pending meeting requests.
  2. Request Meetings - This notification serves as a reminder for participants who have not yet requested any meetings. It encourages them to initiate meeting requests and actively engage in the booking process. This notification is automatically sent every 3 days, ensuring participants are reminded to proactively book meetings.
  3. Upcoming Meetings - This notification is sent to participants with upcoming online meetings. The reminder is sent the day before participants' scheduled meetings. 

The notification statistics are displayed alongside the name of each notification. These statistics provide valuable insights such as the total number of times the notification has been sent by the system, the percentage of successful deliveries, and the percentage of participants who have opened the corresponding emails.

To review the content of a notification or make edits, simply click on the Preview button located next to each notification. 

This allows you to preview the email notification before sending or customize it according to your preferences. For more detailed information on editing email notifications, we recommend reading our article editing email notifications.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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