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Understanding b2match OrganizationsUpdated a year ago

Organizations attend events to connect with the industry, increase their brand visibility and expand their network by networking with other organizations and participants at the event. 

Since organizations and participants who represent them are the heart and soul of an event, it is essential to effectively manage them to ensure they have a positive experience while also achieving the event’s goals. 

In this article, we will explain where you can access organizations’ information and effectively manage it, all in one place.

Where can I access the Organizations list?

The Organizations list contains details of every organization who is being represented at your event.

To access the Organizations list, click on Organizations on the left sidebar of the Organizer’s Tool. 

What does the Organizations list consist of?

At the top of the page, you can enter the organization’s name to locate them in the Organizations list.

Below the search field, you will find the advanced search feature. This feature enables you to create custom predefined filters according to your specific requirements.

On the right side of the Organizations list, you will find the Add new organization page button, which enables you to create an organization page on behalf of participants. 

The Organizations list is organized into predefined columns, set by default, which include the following information:

  • ID - unique identification number assigned to each organization.
  • Organization
  • Representatives – shows the number of organization’s representatives
  • Country
  • Meetings - displays information about the number of meetings all organization representatives have, along with their respective status (Accepted, Guest Meeting Pending Requests, Own Meeting Pending Requests).
  • Marketplace - shows if the organization representatives added any opportunities to the Marketplace and displays the number of published opportunities.
Tip: In the advanced search feature, you can add or change columns to display different information. Additionally, you can modify the display order of columns by clicking on the arrows next to the column name.

Organization’s Profile Overview

The Organization’s profile overview provides a comprehensive display of various details about an organization. 

To access this overview, click on an organization’s row in the Organizations list. The row will turn yellow, and the profile overview will open on the right side of the screen.

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