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Using Email TemplatesUpdated 5 months ago

Do you struggle to put all the necessary information in an email and don't know where to begin? Feel free to utilize the b2match premade email templates for quick and effective communication. They include necessary details for your participants as well as links and buttons for quick access to an event page, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other things.

This article will go through all of the thoughtfully designed email templates that b2match offers so you can save time and successfully engage your participants.

How can I use email templates?

First, access the email tool by clicking Communications on the left sidebar and then choosing Emails

Next, choose who you want to send an email to; your participants, imported contacts, or organizers.

Then, select the recipients by ticking the box next to their name.

After that, in the Email Templates section, you can choose between a variety of premade b2match templates. 

Each template corresponds to a specific phase of the event. Here are the email templates available for participants:

  1. Publish Marketplace Opportunities - Sent to encourage participants to create Marketplace Opportunities and showcase their offerings or requirements.

  2. Booking Phase - Sent to motivate participants to book more meetings and maximize their networking opportunities.

  3. Join Matchmaking Sessions - Sent as a reminder or instruction for participants to sign up for matchmaking sessions and secure meeting slots.

  4. Join Agenda Sessions - Sent as a reminder or instruction for participants to sign up for regular sessions in the event agenda.

  5. Participants’ Personal Agenda - Sent to guide participants on accessing their personalized agenda, including the sessions they are attending and their scheduled meetings.

  6. Feedback - Sent to prompt participants to fill out the Event Survey or rate their meetings.

  7. Post Event Matchmaking - Sent to inform participants about the extension of the matchmaking phase, encouraging further networking after the event.

  8. Book More Meetings – Sent to motivate participants to book additional meetings and make the most of their networking opportunities.

  9. One week before the event – Sent as a reminder that the event is just one week away, providing participants with essential information on maximizing their event experience.

  10. One day before the event - Sent as a final reminder that the event is happening the next day, offering last-minute tips on how participants can fully leverage the event.

Once you've selected the suitable email template, you have the flexibility to make minor adjustments and customize it according to your preferences. Personalize the content, fine-tune the messaging, and ensure the email reflects your unique style and branding. With the ability to edit the template, you have full control over the final presentation of your message.

Once you have made the desired changes, click on the Save button. 

This action will save your email in the Drafts section, where you can perform various actions, such as previewing, editing, or deleting it.

To send the email, click on the Preview & Send button. 

You also have the option to test the email by sending it to your own email address by clicking on the Send a Test button. 

Once you are confident that the email is ready to be sent to the participants, click on the Send to recipients now! button located at the bottom of the screen.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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