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Validating ParticipantsUpdated a year ago

Upon registering for an event and creating a profile on the b2match platform, participants must be validated before becoming visible on the event page's participant list. There are two available methods for validating participants: automatic and manual.

Automatically activating participants

If the automatically activate participants option is enabled, participants will become visible to other participants and will be able to send and receive meeting requests automatically upon registering for the event.

Manually activating participants

When the manually activate participants option is enabled, it becomes the responsibility of the event organizer to validate participants. Only after manual validation by the organizer will participants become visible to other participants and gain the ability to send and receive meeting requests. 

How can I set the validation option?

First, click on Configuration on the left sidebar of the Organizer's Tool. 

Locate the Participant section and click on Registration Settings.

Scroll down until you see the Participants Activation section

Within this section, you will find the two validation options: automatic and manual. 

Click on the validation option you desire and then click on Save in the bottom right corner. 

How can I manually validate participants?

First, click on Participants in the left sidebar of the Organizer’s Tool.

This action will open the participant's list, displaying all registered participants. 

In the Activated column, you can see the activation status of each participant. A green checkmark indicates that the participant has been activated.

If there is an empty square icon next to a participant's name, it means they have not been activated yet.

To sort participants based on their activation status, click on the small arrow next to Activated. Click on the descending arrow to prioritize the display of non-validated participants at the top of the list.

To activate a participant, simply click on the square icon in the Activated column next to their name.

Alternatively, you can activate a participant by clicking on their name, which will open their profile overview. From there, locate the Profile activated toggle switch and click on it to validate their profile.

Once a participant is successfully validated, they will receive an email notification informing them that their profile has been activated. With b2match you can customize the email notifications sent to your participants. Read more about this topic in our article Editing Email Notifications.

Note: Keep in mind that while the main organizer has the authority to activate all participants, support organizers can activate only those they are responsible for.

What does validation look like from the participant's side?

If a participant has not been validated yet, they will notice the Activation pending tag on their user info widget, positioned on the left side of their dashboard.

Once the organizer validates the profile, this tag will disappear, signifying that the participant's profile has been activated. 

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