What to do after the setup?

Managing a matchmaking event

This guide assumes that you have already set up your event and know the basics about matchmaking process.

Step 1: Working with Co-Organisers

b2match lets you collaborativly organise events. An event can be organised by several organisers. Co-Organiser can support you by managing participants. There are two diffrent types of Co-Organiser.

Main Organiser

Main Organiser have all rights. They can change all settings, customize the event website and manage participants.

Supporting Organiser

Supporting Organisers help the main organisers to manage participants.

Step 2: Communication with Participants

One of b2match’s biggest strengths is the mailing system. b2match defines a set of automated emails that will be sent to participants at diffrent times heading to the event. In addition to automated email notifications, organisers can send custom emails to all distinct groups of participants.

todod predefined emails, notifications & custom mails

Automated Email Notifcations

b2match sends automated emails to participants when specific actions have taken place e.g. When an Participants has finished his registration, When a participants requests a meeting with an other participant, etc. Organisers have the ability to edit these Notifications to a certain exten if necessary.

Custom Emails

Organisers can send custom emails to all or specific groups of participants. This is one of the most popular features in b2match among event organisers because it is one of the driving forces behind and events success.

Read more about Custom Emails.

Step 3: Registration starts

At some point your registration will start (read more about configuring your Registration). From now on participants will be able to sign up for your event over the event website.

Approving Participants

Optionally, organisers can approve participants after they have registered themselves in order to approve them. A participant that is not approved will not be visible to other participants and can not send or receive meeting requests.

Participants are automatically approved by default. Read more on approving if you want to manually approve participants.

Step 4: Inviting participants

b2match gives organisers the ability to import participant data into b2match such as email lists. Read more about how to import participants into b2match.

Imported particpant can be invited via email to join your event. In the Overview of your imports you can select a full branch of imported user or select specific ones and click on Send invitation. These particiopants will receive an email from where they can register to your event.

Confirming an Invitation

The invitation contains a link that leads participant to your events registration. Inside this registration participants can confirm or decline the invitation. If the participant confirms the invitation the will be brought to the registrion where the data you have imported will be used to pre-fill the registration form.

After a participant has conifrmed the inivitation and registered, they will show up under Participants.

Step 5: Booking phase starts

A few weeks prior to your event, the booking phase will start which leads up to the event. We recommend to start the booking phase when a relevant amount of participants has already signed up for the event. Participants will be able to send and receive meetings requests during this time period which usually leads up to the event.

todo email raussenden

All participants that have signed up for your event **will be notified via Email when the booking phase starts.**

Things you should have done by now

  • You are familiar with how communication with participants works with b2match.
  • Your registration has started and participants are already signing up for your event.
  • You have optionally imported potential participants.
  • The Matchmaking Phase has started and participants are requesting meetings with each other alraedy.