Before the event takes place

Preparing meetings & on-site management

This guide assumes that you have set up your event and know how to manage participants.

It’s getting serious now! Around 2 weeks prior to the event you should start preparing everything for the matchmaking event. People should still be able to book meetings at this point. It is important to note that this process can be diffrent for every event. What we are proposing here is a typical use case.

Download our 2 weeks-to-go Checklist for preparing your event. Print it and use it as checklist for getting your event ready.

Step 1: Check how the booking phase is going

2 weeks prior to the event check how the booking phase is going. See how many meetings have been requested an accepted.

Step 2: Scheduling a time and place for the meetings

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You have to schedule a time and place for the meetings around 4-6 Days prior to the event. This is not necessary if you have chosen that your event uses time-slot selection.

Read more about scheduling meetings using the Scheduler Tool.

Keep in mind that as long as participants can book meetings you might have unscheduled meetings. Therefore it is important that you schedule new meetings. Inside the Dashboard you will see how many meetings are not scheduled.

Step 3: Sending out the Agenda

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Scheduled meetings will now show up in a participants agenda. An automatic email with the agendas will be sent to all participants a few days prior to the event. You can modify the date and the message inside the Messages section.

Make sure that you have no unscheduled meetings when sending out the agenda.

Warning: Don't Schedule All meetings after sending out the agendas since this can change the time and place of already scheduled meetings. Only schedule meetings manually after sending out the agenda.

Step 4: Preparing the on-site experience

How you prepare the on-site experience is of course highly dependend on your event. We want to give you a few things you should defenitly take care of for your event.

Setting up your tables at the event

Table Setup

How you set your table depends highly on your venue. In general we would recommend to rather use small tables and to keep them close by so that participants don’t have to search for each other. Make sure that you make the table cards clearly visible. We recommend using number plates but a simple folded A4 paper with the table number on it will also do its service.

b2match Tip: Go to Exports and download the Table schedules. Table schedules provide you with a schedule grouped by table. Put one table schedule on the associated table. Participants will be able to easier verify if the are at the right table.

Hand out the final meeting schedule

On Site Agendas

Make the final agenda available to participants. Either hand them out at a reception desk or make them available for participants to pick up. Go to Reports and download the final Scheduels. Print them twice. Make one copy available to the participant when she arrives and keep one copy to yourself in case the participant needs it.

On site support

Make sure that you or one of your collegues famliliar with matchmaking is present at the matchmaking event. Set up a small booth where matchmaking participants can contact you in case of questions regarding their meetings. Keep a laptop with you in order to be able to manage meetings at the spot. We also highly recommend that you have a printer available in case a participant has last minute changes in their agenda.

Things you should have done by now

  • All meetings are scheduled.
  • All particiapnts have received their agendas.
  • You have printed all agendas.