Automated Notifications

b2match defines a set of automated emails that will be sent to participants at diffrent times heading to the event. All of these automated emails are triggered by certain event in the matchmaking process. It is possible for the organiser to change the content of some notifications before they are sent. Additionally, organisers can send custom messages.

Registration Messages

These Messages are sent during the registration phase until the booking phase starts.

Participant finished registraion

People that register for your event will automatically receive an confirmation email that they have registered. This email is a great place to add individual information about your event.

Participant’s Payment has been confirmed

In case your event has a participation fee, participants will automatically receive a confirmation when their payment has been completed.

Participant has been approved

In case your participants need to be approved by the organiser in order to participate, they will automatically receive an email that they have been approved and are visible to other participants.

Participants can book meetings. (Booking phase started)

Participants will automatically get notified, as soon as they can request meetings.

Meeting Messages

Participants will always get notfied if something changes regarding their meetings.

Meeting has been requested

Participants will get a notification via email for every meeting that has been requested with them.

Meeting reuqest has been accepted

Participants will get notified as soon as an meeting request they have sent has been accepted.

Meeting reuqest has been decliend

Participants will also get notified when their meeting request has been canceled.

Meeting has been canceled

Participants will get notified in case a participant or the organiser canceles an meeting that was accepted before.

Agenda Messages

Sent directly before the event to inform participants about their agendas.

This email is sent to the participants a few days prior to the event (usually 3) and contains the meeting agenda for the event. This email is the right place to add important information for participants for the actual event.

Follow Up Messages

Meeting and Event Feedback is requested.

This email will be sent a few days after the event (usually 3 days) to participants to ask them for their feedback.

Editing an Notificaiton email

Organisers can change the content of specfic email notifications. Go to Messages on the left hand menu and click on Edit next to the notification you would like to adjust. Add the desired content and press Save.