Cooperation Opportunities

Cooperation Opportunities enable participants to describe what they are offering and looking for in potential cooperations. These cooperation opportunities can help you to communicate the intent of a meeting request better.

How do participants use Cooperation Opportunities?

Participants can create Cooperation Opportunities and add them to their profile. Participants can also directly search for cooperation opportunities. This enables participants to look for potential meeting partners by search for what they are looking for or offering.

b2match tip: By Default b2match will create two basic types of cooperation opportunities: Offer & Request.

Configuring Cooperation Opportunities

An organiser can configure Cooperation Opportunities by defining a Cooperation Type .

To add a new Cooperation Type go to Configuration -> Cooperation Opportunity -> Cooperation Types, click on Add Cooperation Type and enter a name.

Adding Custom Information Fields to Cooperation Opportunities

A cooperation opportunity can be extended by custom information fields that participants have to fill out. This gives the event organizer to ask for more specific information what a participant is looking for in a cooperation. Examples: What are the requirements for a business partner? What countries are relevant for your cooperation? What is your budget? etc.

To add a Custom Information Field open a Cooperation Type:

Adding Custom Information Fields to Cooperation Opportunities

  1. Press Add Custom Information Field
  2. Enter a label which indicates which information you want from the user.
  3. Optionally enter short description text that will be shown to the user.
  4. Specify if this field is mandatory.
  5. Press Save.