Participants List

The participant list is one of the most essential parts of b2match. Every participant that has registered for your event will show up here. It is your main tool for managing participants.


You can access the participant list by clicking on Participant on the left hand menu.

Participant List Overview

  1. Quickly search for a participant by name or organisation name.
  2. Quickly filter participants by their registration status, on whether they are approved, have paid and if the are participating in matchmaking.
  3. Select multiple participant rows with the associated checkbox and click Multi-Edit to edit multiple participants at once.
  4. Click on Advanced Search to filter participant by very specific options.
  5. Choose or define Predefined Filter.
  6. Edit participants by approving them, changing their visibility and editing their participation information.
  7. Get more information about the participant and leave notes for yourself or other organisers.

If you need a more sophisticated way of filtering participants click on Advanced Search.

Using & Creating Predifined Filters

You can create and use predifined filters in the participants list.

Predefined Filters

  1. Click on the dropdown to access the predefined filters.
  2. Click on a filter to select it.
  3. Click on the grey pencil to edit a predefined filter.
  4. Click Add custom filter to crate a new one.

Editing Participants

Participants can be editied in several ways, depending on their status.

Editing Participant

Approving Participants

A registered participant can be approved by clicking on the grey checkbox inside the participants row.

Participant will be notified via an automated email that they have been approved.

Changing participants visibilty

Each participant can be set to be visible/invisible to other participants. Click on the eye inside the participants row to change the participants visbility.

Editing a participants information

Click on Edit on a participants row and choose Edit Registration. You can edit a participants settings, organisation information, attendance information.

Editing multiple participants

You can edit multiple participants at the same time. Select the the participants checkboxes and click on Multi-Edit. You can now change whether these participants are approved or visible and their participant type.

Multi Edit

Canceling a participants participation

A registered participants participants can be canceled by clicking on Edit -> Cancel participation. The participants status will be set to Canceled from Registered.

Leaving notes

Organisers can leave notes about certain participants for themselves and other organisers. Click on a participant and open the Notes-Tab to read and leave a note.