Participant Types

Participant types are used to group specific types of participants.

What are Participant Types used for?

The ability to group participants by a type gives organiser the power to manage them efficiently and to perform certain actions and rules on them.

Participants are asked during registration what participant type the are associated to. Typical Groups of Participants can be Buyer, Seller, Visitor, Expert etc.

Participants groups empower participants to find suitable partners for meetings by giving them an effective way to filter. In addition to that, Organisers can define Visibility Rules and Booking rules that determine which participants can see other participants and request meetings with them.

Further, the participation groups can be used to adjust the registration process and payment fees for each group.

Participant Type

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b2match tip: Learn more about visibility rules and booking rules for participant types.

Creating a Participant Type

Click on Configuration in the left hand navigation panel, go to Participant Types and click Add Participant Type.

Creating a Participant Type

  1. Give your Group of Participants a Name.
  2. Give the group a description . This description will be shown to the participants during registration when they choose a group.
  3. You can optionally enter the maximum amount of meetings , participants of this group can have during matchmakin.
  4. You can also optionally determine whether the group should be visible in the participant list and inside a participants profile.