The Registration Process

Event registration is one of the most crucial and important steps in the process of organising an event. b2match therefore offers many features how the event registration can be adapted to suit your needs.

The information gathered in the event registration plays a huge role in matchmaking because participants determine if and when they will participate in matchmaking.

The registration process

//illustration der registrierung aus sicht des teilnehmer

When a participants clicks on the Registration button the event website they are brought to an registration form. The registration form depends on your events configuration.

Here is an overview of the settings that influence the participants registration.

Participant Types

Participant types are used to group specific types participants. Participant Types are extremly powerful in b2match because most features are built on the. They allow to organisers to create registration & visibility rules and empower participants to effectivly search for suitable meeting partners. If your event needs to handle payments, participant fees can be aplied to specific participant types.

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Organisation Types

Participants have to choose a organisation type when they sign up for the event. The organisation type is used to categorized participants. This makes it easier for participants to find the right meeting partner.

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Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity enable participants to classify their business. These categories are very useful when participants search for suitable meeting partners. A participant can choose multiple Areas of Activity during registration.

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Custom Questions

Organisers can extend the registration form with custom questions in order to obtain specific information for the event organiser.

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Setting the Registration Time Frame

Visitors of the event website will be able to register to the event during this period.

  1. Go to Configuration and open the Registration Settings.
  2. Set the Registration begin date.
  3. Set the Registration end date.
  4. Press Save.