Approving Participants

b2match gives organisers the ability to approve participants after they have registered for the event. A participant that is not approved will not be visible to other participants and can not send or receive meeting requests.

Setting up Approval

Go to Configuration and click on Registration Settings.

  • Registration requires approval
    Participants will only be visible for other participants once they have been manually approved by organisers.
  • Registration doesn’t require approval
    Participants are automatically approved and will be visible to other registered participants

Approving a particpant

Click on Participants in the right hand menu.

Approving Participants

  1. You can quickly see who is not approved by choosing to only displays not approved participants.
  2. If you decide that a participant fulfills yous criteria, you can approve her by clicking on the gray check mark.
Participants will be automatically notified via email after beeing approve.
b2match tip: You can quickly get access to the unapproved participants via the Registration Widget inside the Dashboard.