Manually scheduling meetings

Scheduling is the process of assigning a time and place to an accepted meeting request. After an meeting request is accepted it needs to get a specfic time and location. This can happen in two ways:

  • Participants schedule the meeting themselves when requesting or accepting a meeting.
  • The event organiser schedules the meetings manually using the scheduler tool.

Read more about the scheduling modes here.

Scheduling meetings using the scheduler tool is necessary when option 2 is selected, meaning that meetings have no time and place when the requests are accepted.

In order to schedule all these meetings we use The Scheduler Tool.

Using the Scheduler Tool

Click on Scheduler insde the left hand navigation to open the Scheduler Tool. Click on a meeting to get more information about the participants.

The red participant requested the meeting (referred to as Host)

The blue participant accepted the request (referred to as Guest)

Scheduler Overview

  1. Press Schedule All to schedule all meeting. Unschedule All will unschedule all meetings.
  2. Quickly search for a participant.
  3. Click on a meeting to get detailed information about the two participants. Press Lock to fix this meetings time and location. This meeting will not be reschduled or unscheduled. Click Unschedule to unschedule this meeting.
  4. All unscheduled meetings are displayed in this area.
  5. Each Matchmaking Session will be displayed as a seperate section here. Sessions are split into timeslots horizontally. The session is split by tables vertically.
Remeber that the meeting duration and the amount of tablesis set inside the matchmaking sessions settings.

Automatically scheduling all meetings

A few days prior to your event you will have to scheduel all meetings. Press on Schedule All to do that. All unscheduled meetings will be assigned to a time and table. The automatic scheduling optimizes the participant schedules by minimizing their stand by time.

Warning: Pressing Schedule All will reschadule all already schedule meetings (unless the have been locked). Therefore you should net automatically schedule all meetings after you have sent out the agendas.

Manually scheduling or rescheduling single meetings

Click on a schedueld or unscheduled meeting to select it. Then click on the desired timeslot to move it to.

Schedule a meeting