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Discover how to configure marketplace opportunity types and offer your participants a dedicated space to create their own opportunities.

Understanding b2match Marketplace

The b2match marketplace serves as a hub where participants can create and discover various business opportunities. It's where business matchmaking begins – people can connect and set up meetings with other participants who have posted opportunities.

Enabling the Marketplace

Some events are all about discovering the perfect business partner and showcasing what you can bring to the table. Here, the marketplace feature becomes essential. In this article, we will walk you through the process of enabling the marketplace feat

Configuring Opportunity Types

Once you've enabled the marketplace feature, it's crucial to configure the marketplace opportunities to match your participants' needs and the event's goals. This will ensure that your opportunities are accurately categorized and will be easier to fi

Validating Opportunities

Once you have configured the opportunity types for the event the participants will be able to choose from when creating their own marketplace opportunity, the participants can create their marketplace opportunities on the event website. After a parti