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Canceling Your Event ParticipationUpdated a year ago

Have you registered for an event and later realized that you will not be able to attend it? Don’t worry, you can always cancel your participation in the b2match platform. 

How do I cancel my event participation?

Find your avatar in the upper right corner of the event website navigation and from the drop-down menu choose Event settings

The Event settings consist of three sections: Messaging, Time Zone, and Participation Cancellation. 

You can cancel your participation at the event in the Participation Cancellation section. 

Keep in mind that canceling the event participation is an irreversible action that deletes all your data from the event, cancels any scheduled meetings, and removes you from sessions you registered for.

Because of this, there are additional steps to prevent accidental cancellation of participation. These steps include three boxes listing the consequences of canceling participation.

After you read and understand the consequences, check all the boxes in the Participation Cancellation section and click on Cancel event participation.

Once you cancel your participation, you can’t register for the event again with the same b2match account.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here. 

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