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Changing the Availability for MessagingUpdated a year ago

Attending an event usually means connecting and chatting with other participants, but sometimes you may get a bit overwhelmed with messages from other participants.

This is why you can always disable your availability for messaging. But don't worry, even if the Available for messaging option is disabled, you can still exchange messages with participants you have a meeting with. You can also chat with participants you don't have a meeting with, but only if you send the first message. 

How to change my availability for messaging?

The first step to changing your messaging availability is locating your avatar in the upper right corner of the event website navigation. 

From the drop-down menu choose Event settings

The Event settings consist of three sections; Messaging, Time Zone, and Participation Cancellation. 

You can change your availability for messaging in the Messaging section. 

Simply slide the toggle switch to enable or disable your availability.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here. 

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