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Creating a b2match AccountUpdated a year ago

So, you decided to attend an event hosted on our b2match platform. But how can you participate in an event?

Before you participate in an event, you have to register for it. The first step of registering for an event involves creating your b2match account.

To create a b2match account, visit the landing page of the event you want to register for. 

Find the Register button in the top right corner and click on it.

After that, enter your email address and create a strong password.

Note: If you want to make sure you typed in your password correctly, click on the eye icon to make your password visible.

Next, enter your first and last name, and tick the box to agree to the Terms of service and Privacy policy

Note: Alternatively, you can create an account by using your LinkedIn or Google account. Bear in mind that your newly created account will be associated with the email address you used for your LinkedIn or Google account.

After that, you need to choose your attendance type and participation type, provided that the organizer configured the event in such a way. 

In the Attend event... section, choose your attendance type. You can choose between on-site or remote attendance. 


In the Register as... section, choose your participation type. If you want to learn more about attendance and participation type, read the Registering for an event article. 

Once you define your attendance and participation type, click on Continue to create your b2match account. 

Note: The Attend event... and Register as... are mandatory, which means that you can click on Continue only after you define them.

After clicking on Continue, the second step of the registration process begins.

Note: You can cancel your registration in the second step of the registration process by clicking on the Cancel button in the lower left corner. However, if you finished the first step of the registration, please note that you have created your b2match account. If you click on Cancel in the second step of the registration, you will be redirected to the event’s landing page, and can access your account in the upper right corner by clicking on the avatar with your initials.

Congratulations! You successfully created your b2match account. Now the only thing left to do is to finish your registration by completing the second step of the registration process, which you can read more about in the Registering for an event article. 

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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