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Enabling Meeting BookingUpdated 8 months ago

One of the main goals that participants set for themselves when attending an event is to get to know other attendees. That's why it's crucial to understand how to enable participants to network effectively. 

One of the best ways to encourage networking is to allow participants to engage in meetings with one another. 

Why should I enable meeting booking?

Networking can be a key focus and goal of many events, making it crucial for participants to be able to book meetings during the event.

Enabling meeting booking allows attendees to send requests to one another, which ultimately facilitates networking. 

If meeting booking is disabled, your participants won't be able to engage in meetings and can only attend sessions you create. 

Tip: Before you enable booking, you should first define meeting blocks. Learn more in our article understanding meeting blocks.

How can I enable meeting booking?

Navigate to Networking from the left sidebar of the Organizer's tool, and click on Configuration

Next, access the Settings tab

Here, you will see the Meeting Booking section. 

To enable meeting booking, simply click on the toggle switch in the upper right corner. 

Following that, establish the time period during which participants can book meetings by including the start date and time, as well as the end date and time.

After that, click on Save in the bottom right corner. 

Why should I define the time period in which participants can book meetings?

Setting a time frame for your booking phase is helpful since it gives you a greater overview of the participants' meeting schedule. Setting an end date for the booking phase gives you greater control over when your participants may schedule their meetings, allowing you to make sure that everything is set up for their successful networking.

On the other hand, if you don't define the time frame, participants will have the freedom to schedule meetings throughout the entire event, up until the final meeting block concludes, which can provide them with more flexibility. 

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