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Learn how to adjust your networking settings to align with your attendees' objectives and cater to your event's needs.

Enabling Meeting Booking

One of the main goals that participants set for themselves when attending an event is to get to know other attendees. That's why it's crucial to understand how to enable participants to network effectively. One of the best ways to encourage networkin

Enabling AI Recommendations

AI has become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, manifesting its capabilities in various industries. Among these industries is event management, where AI has proved to be a valuable asset in streamlining networking processes. b2match demonstr

Configuring Booking Rules

When it comes to planning successful events or meetings, enabling effective networking opportunities is key. However, with so many participants involved, it can be challenging to ensure that the booking process is streamlined for everyone involved. T

Defining Conversations Settings

When it comes to hosting successful events and meetings, having effective communication tools and strategies is essential. One such tool is messaging, which you can customize to fit the specific communication needs of your event attendees. Keep on re

Setting Up Meeting Feedback

Collecting feedback from attendees on the meetings they attend is an essential component of events that aim to foster networking and collaboration. By directly seeking feedback from participants, you may identify the value of the meetings they attend

Setting Up Group Meetings

Group meetings are an excellent way to increase engagement, generate more ideas, and facilitate meaningful discussions. By bringing together like-minded participants, group meetings offer the opportunity to share experiences, exchange opinions and me

Setting Up Open Virtual Networking

Virtual networking has become increasingly important as events move online, providing participants with the opportunity to connect and engage anytime wherever they are. Networking doesn't have to be limited to just the event itself. By configuring yo

Setting Up Post Event Networking

Open Virtual Networking empowers your participants to connect and meet with other attendees beyond the predefined meeting blocks. This flexibility allows them to choose meeting times and dates independently, unconstrained by the configured meeting bl