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Filtering Profile ListsUpdated a year ago

Filters play a vital role in tailoring your participant and organization lists to display only the information that interests you, offering an efficient way to quickly find relevant details.

When organizing an event, managing a substantial number of participants and organizations can be overwhelming. Filtering profile lists becomes a crucial element in streamlining the event management process.

How to filter the participant and organization list?

The process is similar, but please note that the filter creation form differs for the participant list and the organization list. Naturally, the filter you create for participants will not apply to organizations, and vice versa.

In the advanced search options, you'll find a range of filtering choices to apply to both lists. For more details on available filtering options and how to create and save them, read our article creating & saving filters.

However, some filters hold more importance than others, and you might wish that a specific filter automatically applies to both lists whenever you open them. To achieve this, you can set a filter as the default choice.

The participant and organization lists present information in different columns. The default columns display certain information, but not necessarily everything you might need. To customize the view, you can add additional columns or remove ones with irrelevant data by editing the list columns.

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