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Opportunity ValidationUpdated a year ago

You created an opportunity on the Marketplace, but even though you see it on the Manage opportunities page, you don’t see it on the Marketplace page. Why is that so?

This article brings you the answer to this question.

What is Marketplace opportunity validation?

Marketplace opportunity validation determines when your opportunity will be shown on the Marketplace page. The Marketplace opportunity validation can be configured in two ways. 

Automatic validation 

This means that the Marketplace opportunities are automatically validated and will be published after you create them. 

Manual validation

After you create an opportunity, the organizer must manually validate the opportunity to publish it on the Marketplace page. 

Tip: This differs from event to event since the organizer decides how to configure the Marketplace opportunity validation.

How does manual Marketplace opportunity validation work?

Once you created & edited your opportunity, you can see all your opportunities by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of the event website and selecting Manage opportunities

You may notice that some opportunities state at the top that they must be reviewed by the organizer before they get published.

This means that the organizer hasn’t yet validated your opportunity, therefore it isn’t visible on the Marketplace, or on your profile.

After you add an opportunity, the organizer receives a notification via email about the new opportunity. The organizer checks the opportunity, and if it’s suitable, your opportunity will be validated and published for other participants to see on the Marketplace page.

Note: It may be possible that the event organizer doesn't publish your opportunity and deletes it from your profile.

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