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Create business opportunities that will spark the interest of the right people. Close business deals, start partnerships or sell products on a dedicated event Marketplace.

Understanding b2match Marketplace

The main goal of every event is successful networking and establishing connections with valuable people. But why do we even concentrate so much on networking?. The answer to that question is to find the right business partner who will contribute to t

Creating & Editing Opportunities

Have you developed a product that you want to showcase at the event? Or maybe you're looking for a business partner or an investor to help you in the success of your project?. The b2match Marketplace is a great place to showcase all your business opp

Manage Opportunities

You created a Marketplace opportunity, but are unsure where you can access or edit it? Look no further! This article will explain how to manage all your Marketplace opportunities in detail. If you want to learn more about adding opportunities, read o

Opportunity Validation

You created an opportunity on the Marketplace, but even though you see it on the Manage opportunities page, you don’t see it on the Marketplace page. Why is that so?. This article brings you the answer to this question. Marketplace opportunity valida

Exploring the Marketplace

Are you interested in cooperation or partnership with other participants at the event?. The Marketplace offers you to explore all their offers in one place. But how to access the Marketplace?. If the event has a Marketplace feature, you will see the