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Setting Up Post Event NetworkingUpdated 7 months ago

Open Virtual Networking empowers your participants to connect and meet with other attendees beyond the predefined meeting blocks. This flexibility allows them to choose meeting times and dates independently, unconstrained by the configured meeting blocks. 

Moreover, you can utilize this feature to facilitate Post-Event Networking, enabling participants to schedule meetings after the event concludes, i.e., after the sessions on the agenda have passed.

What is Post-Event Networking?

Post-event networking extends the opportunity for participants to network long after the event has ended. This means participants can schedule and attend meetings at their convenience. It's important to note that meetings during the post-event networking period can only take place remotely. As the organizer, you have the authority to define the duration of the post-event networking period, giving you control over when participants can engage in networking activities.

To optimize the effectiveness of post-event networking, it is recommended to schedule it 1-2 days after the event. This minimizes potential confusion by avoiding simultaneous matchmaking options (event and post-event) and enhances the overall impact of meetings during the event.

Since post-event networking comes with an additional cost, depending on your chosen package, it should be enabled by b2match team members. Once post-event networking is enabled, you, as the organizer, should configure it in the same way as standard Open Virtual Networking.

Tip: Ensure that the meeting booking period aligns with the post-event networking period.

How can I configure post-event networking?

Once post-event networking is enabled, organizers should choose between the Opt-Out and Opt-In approaches.

Option 1: Opt-Out Approach

In this approach, b2match team members automatically assign all participants who have registered for regular matchmaking to the post-event networking session by default. Experience shows that the majority are interested in receiving additional meeting requests post-event. However, each participant has the option to opt-out if not interested.

Option 2: Opt-In Approach

Here, you send a mailing to all matchmaking participants, asking them to sign up for the post-event networking session if interested. Experience suggests that only 20-30% of matchmaking participants will sign up, as not all participants react to such requests.

After deciding on the preferred approach, it is advisable to contact all registered participants to inform them about the possibility of booking additional meetings post-event. This communication is crucial to make participants aware of the option for post-event networking. Additionally, the mailing should explain how to opt-out of post-event networking for those who don't wish to receive further meeting requests.

For your convenience, we have compiled a successful mailing template for post-event networking.

Mailing Template

Event name - Start/extension of post event matchmaking


Thank you for being a part of our event journey!

But this is not a goodbye. We listen to our participants’ needs, hence we do business networking justice! 

As a result of the rising interest in building new connections and creating stronger business bonds, we’re delighted to announce the beginning/the extension of the matchmaking period to {DATE}.

All meetings are held purely virtually.

Sign up for virtual matchmaking

Scan the participant profiles, identify interesting companies you would like to get in contact with and send them a meeting request.

Book meetings

If not available, sign out of virtual matchmaking.

Interested in making your profile stand out? 

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  • send and receive meeting requests
  • join online meetings
  • exchange messages with other participants in real time
  • have your agenda and meeting schedule at hand

Available in Google Play Store and App Store.

Keep the meeting numbers growing!

Best regards,

the Event Organizer(s).

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