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Understanding b2match MarketplaceUpdated a year ago

The main goal of every event is successful networking and establishing connections with valuable people. But why do we even concentrate so much on networking?

The answer to that question is to find the right business partner who will contribute to the success of your organization. 

The b2match Marketplace is a great place to showcase all your business opportunities and find the perfect business partner at an event. 

What kind of opportunities can I add to the Marketplace?

As there are different types of events, there is also a variety of Marketplace opportunities specific to each event type which you can add to the Marketplace. 

For example, if you are attending a job fair, the opportunities shown on the Marketplace will be job advertisements. 

Or, if you are attending buyer/seller events, you will see buyers describing and offering their services and sellers showcasing their products on the Marketplace. 

Note: The opportunity types are customizable, which means that some custom opportunity types that are not listed in this article may appear on the Marketplace.

What are some standard Marketplace opportunities?

Although the organizers can customize opportunity types, b2match standardized the following Marketplace opportunities: 

  • Product - add this opportunity to describe the product you or your organization are offering
  • Service - add this opportunity to describe the service you're offering
  • Partnership - add this opportunity to indicate that you are interested in a partnership
  • Project Cooperation - add this opportunity to express that you are looking for a cooperation partner for your project
  • Investment - add this opportunity to show you are seeking investment for your startup or project
  • Expertise - add this opportunity to showcase your area of expertise
  • Request - add this opportunity to describe anything specific you are looking for at the event 
  • Job Position - add this opportunity to describe a job position you are offering at your organization

Note: Participants can only create specific types of Marketplace opportunities that the organizer has enabled in the configuration.

Are the opportunities associated with me or the organization?

Marketplace opportunities are associated with your participant profile, but you can always connect them with your organization, either when creating or editing the opportunity.

If you associate the opportunity with your organization, it will be displayed on the organization page and on your participant profile. 

Why is my opportunity not published?

You created your Marketplace opportunity, but it isn't published on the Marketplace page?

The reason for this may be that the organizer hasn't activated your opportunity yet. 

Learn more about this topic in our article Opportunity validation.

Where can I see opportunities of other participants?

The Marketplace shows all opportunities that you and other participants created. 

Learn more about how to navigate the Marketplace in our article Exploring the Marketplace.

Note: Some organizers may not incorporate the Marketplace feature at their event, and you won't be able to post opportunities to such events.

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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