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Understanding the b2match MeetingsUpdated 7 months ago

At an event, everything is about the people we meet and the conversations we engage in.

There isn’t a better way to know more about other participants and what they are all about than being in a 1-on-1 meeting with them.

Why are meetings important?

The main benefit of attending a meeting is that it leads to beneficial connections in whatever industry you pursue.

Meetings offer a chance for attendees to network and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. Whether the type of event you are attending, these meetings provide a platform to share knowledge and collaborate. 

Where can I access all my meetings?

You can find information about all your meetings on the Meetings page. 

To access the Meetings page, click on the meetings icon on the event navigation.

Here, you can see all of your upcoming, canceled, or past events.

The meetings are categorized by dates. Under each date, you will see cards with information about the meetings held on that day.

The meeting cards show the time of the meeting, participants attending, location, and meeting status.

There is additional info that can be helpful in remembering if you sent a meeting request, or if you have been invited to the meeting. If you sent a meeting request to other participants, you will see a Request sent. If you have been invited to the meeting, it will say Received invitation on the card.

You can also see additional information about how many participants accepted, canceled, or still haven’t responded to the meeting request. Read more about Requesting Meetings, and Accepting & Canceling Meetings

How many people can I meet?

The first step is to make yourself available for meetings. Read more about this in Setting Up Your Meeting Availability.  

By default, the meetings on the b2match platform are mostly designed as 1-on-1 meetings. 

The organizer may also enable group meetings. If the group meetings option is enabled, there can be up to 8 members in a meeting. 

You can read more about the people you can attend a meeting with in our article Finding Meeting Partners

What type of meetings are possible?

The b2match platform supports virtual and on-site meetings. 

Virtual meetings

Virtual meetings take place place in a virtual meeting room integrated into the b2match platform. 

The platform automatically recognizes your and your meeting partner’s attendance type.

Even if only one meeting member participates in the meeting virtually, the meeting will still take place in the virtual room. So, don’t worry about missing out if you can’t attend on-site.

You can always check if your meeting will be held at the venue or online on the Meetings page.

On the Meeting card, it will say Online video meeting if you are participating in a virtual meeting.

You can learn more about virtual meetings in How To Test & Prepare for Online Video Meetings

On-site meetings

For a meeting to be held on-site, both you and your meeting partner have to be at the event location at the agreed time. 

To check the exact location of your meeting, look at the Meeting card on the Meetings page. 

Where can I check the meeting status?

The meetings can have 3 statuses. The statuses show if your meeting partner accepted your meeting request, canceled it, or still hasn’t answered. 

If you or your meeting partner accept the request, you will see when the meeting starts on the Meeting card on the Meetings page. 

You can also find information about how many participants accepted, canceled, or still haven’t answered your meeting request.

Keep in mind that whenever you edit and reschedule your meeting, the meeting status will be “pending” again. Learn more about this topic in our Rescheduling meetings article. 

Where can I find my upcoming and past meetings?

In the upper left corner of the Meetings page, below the navigation, you can see 3 tabs; Upcoming, Canceled, and Past. 

The Upcoming tab shows all meetings you will attend in the future. The meetings are categorised by date, and the meeting cards hold the time of the event. The Upcoming tab shows meetings with both accepted and pending status.

The Canceled tab shows meetings that have been canceled by you or another participant. 

The Past tab shows meetings you have attended before. You can also rate the meeting by clicking on Give feedback on the Meeting card

If you didn't find an answer to your questions, please get in touch with the Support Team here.

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