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Managing Participants

Unlock the secrets of efficient participant management with all the essential information right at your fingertips.

Understanding b2match Participants

Participants are the heart and soul of any event you organize, playing a vital role in its success. They are the driving force behind our passion for organizing remarkable events. Efficiently managing participants is essential for ensuring that both

Participant’s Profile Overview

The Organizer's Tool provides a participant's profile overview, where you can conveniently access and edit all their information in one place. First, click on Participants on the left sidebar of the Organizer’s Tool. This will open the participant’s

Impersonating Participants

For participants who may be less familiar with the b2match platform, you, as an organizer, can assist them by impersonating their accounts. This feature allows you to perform certain actions on their behalf, ensuring a smoother experience for your pa

Validating Participants

Upon registering for an event and creating a profile on the b2match platform, participants must be validated before becoming visible on the event page's participant list. There are two available methods for validating participants: automatic and manu

Adding Participants

In the world of event organization, ensuring a seamless registration process for participants is essential. However, it’s possible that individuals run into problems when trying to register themselves. As an event organizer, it is important to step i

Setting Up Participants Session Attendance

After creating sessions for your event, it is important to encourage participants to attend these sessions to ensure active engagement at your event. However, there are instances where you as the event organizer may need to set session attendance on

Setting Up Participants Availability

Once you have created meeting blocks to facilitate smooth networking at your event, it is crucial to encourage participants to actively engage in networking by setting their availability. If participants register after you have already created meetin

Configuring Visibility Rules

When organizing an event, you have the power to decide who can access your participant list. Whether you want to make it available to every website visitor or establish exclusive visibility rules, configuring these rules can help you maintain control

Working with Batch Actions

As an event organizer, you understand the importance and value of your time during the event planning process. It can take hours, weeks, or even months to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, certain tasks may demand an significant amount of tim

Rejecting Participant Registrations

In addition to adding participants to your event, another important element of effective event management is the ability to reject participant registrations when the situation calls for it. Sometimes certain unforeseen circumstances or capacity limit