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Learn how to create and edit event sessions and make them even more interesting and engaging by assigning speakers or exhibitors.

Understanding the b2match Agenda

A well-crafted agenda is the cornerstone of any successful event. It serves as a magnet for attracting attendees, making it essential that you take advantage of all the powerful features that the b2match agenda has to offer. To get started, navigate

Creating Sessions

The main components of every successful event are interesting sessions and a rich program. Sessions are the primary draw for attendees and can make or break an event's success. That's why creating dynamic and interesting sessions should be at the top

Configuring Session Registration Rules

When organizing an event, one of the most crucial aspects is creating an agenda with interesting sessions. These sessions are what capture participants' interest and motivate them to register for your event initially. However, you can take certain se

Filtering & Sorting Sessions

Managing and keeping track of your event schedule can be a daunting task. Luckily, b2match offers a lot of features that can make session management more streamlined, and one of them is filtering. Keep on reading to learn how to quickly locate and ma

Editing Session Info

When it comes to organizing an event, providing all relevant information is crucial to ensuring a smooth and successful experience for both organizers and attendees. Whether you're organizing a small workshop or a large conference, having a clear and

Configuring & Editing Session Format

When you're configuring a session, choosing a session format is an essential step that you can't skip. The good news is that you can always edit and configure it later, even after the session has been created. But which format is most suitable for th

Assigning Speakers to Sessions

Bringing inspiring speakers to an event is a great step in ensuring its success. Big names attract participants, which is why it is important to highlight them as much as possible. But how will your participants know which speaker will speak at which

Assigning Exhibitors to Sessions

Exhibitors are a crucial component for many successful events, providing a platform for organizations to showcase their products, services, and ideas to a targeted audience. How can you make sure that an exhibitor is assigned to the right session? It

Configuring Session Chat

Session Chat empowers event organizers by offering the flexibility to enable chat functionality for each individual session within the event agenda. This functionality isn't restricted to online events; it extends to onsite sessions as well, ensuring

Editing Session Settings

When it comes to organizing a successful event, configuring session settings is a critical step that shouldn't be overlooked. This is particularly important when it comes to registration, as you want to ensure that the right participants have access

Publishing / Unpublishing Sessions

When you organize an event, it's important to keep track of the different sessions that will take place during the event. Creating sessions and ensuring that participants have access to all the necessary information about them is one of the primary r

Duplicating Sessions

Creating a comprehensive agenda with engaging sessions can be a time-consuming task for event organizers. However, sometimes, you may want to hold a session on multiple days. To save time and effort, b2match offers you the option to duplicate session

Deleting Sessions

When organizing an event, it's important to have the ability to manage sessions as needed. Whether you need to remove a session due to scheduling conflicts, speaker cancellations, or other unforeseen circumstances, being able to delete sessions is a

Integrated Video Conferencing

When configuring an agenda session, an essential step is choosing the session format. Is your agenda session an in-person session, a live stream, a pre-recorded session, or a video conference?. Refer to our article Configuring & Editing session forma